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Atlantica | Planned Improvements and Updates (will be applied to main and DUSK versions only)

At Cashville International Airport (CSH):

  • Re-building runway 09C-27C 150 feet south of current runway centerline
  • Extending length of new runway 09C-27C from current 11,500 feet to 13,000 feet
  • Re-locating perimeter taxiway Delta to the west to accomodate length of new runway 09C-27C
  • Creating new hold pads at both ends of new 09C-27C (will accomodate two Code-F aircraft simultaneously)
  • Properly-spaced J-lines at all concourses of terminal
  • Re-locating fire station 2
  • Introduction of Apron Entry Points (AEPs)/spots at certain locations of the Concourse A, B, C, and D ramps
  • Moving existing high-rise tower currently west of the airport to CBD due to its prescence in the extended glide path to new runway 09C
  • New wider and taller Concourse B (international concourse); will accomodate Code F aircraft
  • Expansion of cargo ramp
  • Re-do of current runway 27R hold pad taxiway lines/addition of taxiway lines in other areas of ramp as needed
  • Addition of hold-short bars at designated runway intersections
  • New ATC tower near west end of terminal due to shifting of 09C-27C
  • Concourse A satellite exclusively for Stellar Airways' narrowbody (737/CS-100) operations
  • Re-do of RWY 9L-27R touchdown zone markings and ILS/PAPI placements
  • Re-do of RWY 9L extended threshold arrows
  • Re-do of ILS/PAPI placements for RWY 9R-27L if necessary
  • Separation of Concourses C and D
  • Green taxilane lighting on all ramp areas
  • Expansion of main terminal
  • Re-do of terminal access roadway and parking

At Euphatica International Airport (EPT):

  • J-lines at all concourses
  • Re-do of taxiway centerlines on RWY 23 hold pad
  • New ATC control tower
  • New aircraft observation area at 23 end of runway 05-23
  • Shifting cargo area west/expansion of cargo apron
  • Green taxilane centerline lighting on all ramp areas

General improvements:

  • A more natural sky colour
  • Re-do of touchdown zone markings and ILS box/PAPI placement at other airports if necessary